The body can see

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Professor Renato Rodrigueshas always believed that the BJJ could help people with low vision or blindness. To pursue this goal, he developed a method of teaching combat techniques that can be performed with closed eyes (the body can see, by Renato Rodrigues), aimed at developing skills related to other senses, such as touch and hearing.

The project "The body can see, the body sees", in collaboration with Rotary International, sees the activation of a BJJ course for visually impaired and blind children to contribute to the improvement of their physical awareness and increase self-confidence. BJJ techniques can be described and conceived through logical patterns, sequences and ramifications. These properties make this activity also suitable for people with specific disabilities, especially those suffering from visual system deficits. The possibility of strengthening the senses and increasing the awareness of one’s body helps to develop not only physical, but also psychic and emotional management skills.

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